Piotr Misiak

Piotr Misiak, BSc was a MSc student at the AGH UST in Krakow, Poland, Department of Applied Computer Science. The main area of his course is engineering of intelligent systems.

He received his BSc degree in 2017 with thesis about framework for benchmarking rule-based inference engines on Android platform. His thesis was also used in the publication which was created with Szymon Bobek, PhD and was presented at the ICAISC 2017 conference in Zakopane, Poland. In his MSc, he was working on a project related to wearable sensor platform that will use biometric data to inference person's emotional state, which is the topic of his MSc thesis. He plans to carry on his scientific work as a PhD student.

Apart from computer science he is interested in astronomy and likes reading Jules Verne's novels. He is also a musician and plays concerts together with the child choir from his local culture centre.

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