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   * 2019-09-<​del>​16</​del>​23 notification   * 2019-09-<​del>​16</​del>​23 notification
   * 2019-11-11 workshop   * 2019-11-11 workshop
 +===== Schedule =====
 +Monday 11.11.2019
 +15:30 Welcome COFFEE BREAK
 +15:45 Opening AfCAI Chairs
 +16:00 Joaquin Taverner, Emilio Vivancos, Vicente Botti and Bexy Alfonso ​   Influence of the agent personality on its mood
 +16:30 Emilio López-Ales,​ María Trinidad Herrero and Jose Palma    A Machine Learning Approach for Emotion Detection Through low-cost Hardware
 +17:00 Jennifer Sorinas, Jose Manuel Ferrandez and Eduardo Fernandez ​   Perspectives on affective computing for the early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases
 +18:00 Jan K. Argasiński,​ Grzegorz J. Nalepa, Paweł Węgrzyn and Paweł Strojny ​   Applying Affective Design Patterns in VR Firefighter Training Simulator
 +18:30 Ngoc N. T. Doan, Andrius Penkauskas, Ecaterina Grigoriev, Lisa E. Rombout, Paris Mavromoustakos-Blom,​ Maryam Alimardani and Martin Atzmueller ​   Towards Multimodal Characterization of Dialogic Moments On Social Group Face-to-Face Interaction
 +19:00 Krzysztof Kutt, Dominika Drążyk, Paweł Jemioło, Szymon Bobek, Barbara Giżycka, Víctor Rodríguez Fernández and Grzegorz J. Nalepa ​   BIRAFFE: Bio-Reactions and Faces for Emotion-based Personalization
 +20:00 evening get together
 +Tuesday 12.11.2019
 + 9:30 Jaime Andres Rincon Arango, Angelo Costa, Paulo Novais, Vicente Julián Inglada and Carlos Carrascosa Casamayor ​   An affective personal trainer for elderly people
 +10:00 David Camacho and Raquel Menéndez Ferreira ​   A Gamification approach for education on values: results from a pilot study
 +10:30 Martin Atzmueller ​   Towards Socio-Technical Design of Explicative Systems Enabling Transparent,​ Interpretable and Explainable Data Analysis in Social Interaction Contexts
 +11:00 Barbara Giżycka, Paweł Jemioło, Sebastian Domarecki, Krzysztof Świder, Mateusz Wiśniewski and Łukasz Mielczarek ​   A Thin Light Blue Line - Towards Balancing Educational and Recreational Values of Serious Games
 +12:00 Wrap up & project planning
 +14:00 LUNCH
 +16:00 Summary and farewell
 +===== Venue =====
 +The workshop will take place in the building of UPCT in the city center, next to the Museo Naval.
 +Facultad de Ciencias Económicas ​ UPCT (former Cuartel de Instrucción de Marina)
 +GPS: 37.59818, -0.98743
 +The workshop will be held in the Poniente room located on the top floor. The building main entrance is opposite to the port (the entrance on the port facade is a museum). The room is located on the facade facing the port. You will enjoy a beautiful sight fo the Cartagena Bay.
 +How to reach Cartagena: https://​www.upct.es/​contenido/​universidad/​localizacion.php
 +Cartagena Tourism Office: https://​turismo.cartagena.es/​index.asp?​idioma=2
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